Access Control System Dubai

Access Control System Dubai, your trusted source for complete Security Solutions.
We specialize in offering modern and advanced access control systems that are specifically designed to meet your requirements of businesses and organization in Dubai.
We guarantee the best degree of security for your property using our advanced technology and knowledge.
Our range of access control system includes, Whether you need to secure a small office, a large commercial complex, or a government facility, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Access Control System Dubai

Role based access control (RBAC)

RBAC system, access is granted to users based on the roles they are assigned, rather than directly assigning permissions to individual users. RBAC offers several benefits, including improved security, easier management, and scalability.

Discretionary access control (DAC)​

Mandatory access control (MAC)

MAC is used in computer security to regulate access to resources based on the security classifications and labels assigned to both users and data within a system. MAC is best-suited for organizations that require high Security & Privacy.

Access Control System Dubai

Discretionary access control (DAC)

Discretionary access control is the least restrictive, and therefore the least recommended type of access control for commercial and business security. DAC is  where a single owner or a limited group of owners manage and control resources.

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Access Control System Dubai

At Access Control System Dubai, We are offering a full range of products and services to meet specific needs,  Understanding our client’s needs is how we identify the best solution. We are proud of our team of highly trained experts who provide excellent service. From system design and installation to ongoing maintenance and support, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

We make sure to balance both security and convenience. Our access control systems are created to smoothly work with your current setup, making it easy for both administrators and users. We’ve designed it to be user-friendly. You’ll find features such as watching things in real-time, setting access levels just the way you want, and getting detailed reports. This way, you’ll have full control over the security of your premises.

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Solutions for All Sectors

 We Offer a comprehensive range of access control system, Serve a variety of industries, including those in education, business,  and residential areas. Our skilled team is here to provide security solutions. You can count on us to meet your specific needs. Improve your security with our excellent Access Control System Dubai.


Implement Access Control Systems in organizations to enhance security, like Electronic methods such as user Credentials, Biometrics, Access Card Readers.


In industries, our Access Control Systems ensure only authorized persons can access critical areas, enhancing safety and preventing unauthorized entry.


Provide intelligent and convenient access control systems that ensure secure entry to residential areas anytime, anywhere, without limitations on time or location.


Intelligent and Convenient Access Control Systems and Administration for Educational Institutions like Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

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Access Control Systems in Dubai, we’re your go-to choice. Our 24/7 availability, fast support, and dedication to keeping you satisfied make us the perfect pick. Your security is our top priority. Trust Access Control System Dubai to provide you with cutting-edge access control solutions that offer peace of mind and unparalleled protection.

Access Control System Dubai

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Access Control System Dubai

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Access Control System Dubai

Access Control System Dubai, your trusted source for comprehensive security solutions. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we ensure the highest level of protection for your premises. Here you will get Complete Access Control System Installations, Full Maintenance, Complete Security Integrations and all Access Control Products at one window. 

Having the right access control system is like having a strong foundation for your entryway security. It lets you control who comes in, when, and how, all while keeping an eye on everything that’s happening. Access Control System Dubai has the technology and expertise you need for your access control security: for global and small business, schools and campuses, manufacturing facilities, and for commercial enterprises of all kinds.

Here you will get all type of access control systems like Network Access Control, Cloud Access Security, Access Card Reader,  Time Attendance Machine, Biometric Attendance Machine, Visitor Management Systems, Electromagnetic Locks, Door Access Control, Face Recognition Attendance System, Face Reader, Fire Alram System and many more.

Access Control System Dubai
Time Attendance System Dubai

Time Attendance System Dubai

You know, having a proper time attendance system in a company is really a big deal. It’s like the foundation for keeping track of the workforce in a super accurate way. You know when employees come in, leave, and take breaks? Well, this system makes sure all that info is spot on. And that accuracy makes things like paying employees and following labor rules a whole lot easier. Access Control System Dubai is here to provide you best time attendance system Dubai.

A time attendance system holds significant importance within an organization, serving as a cornerstone for accurate workforce management. By precisely tracking employee arrivals, departures, and breaks, it ensures error-free attendance records. Absolutely,  the time attendance system Dubai has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Our expert team handles the entire process, from initial setup install attendance machine to regular maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Access Control System Dubai takes pride in delivering hassle-free time attendance solutions that enhance workforce management efficiency while providing reliable machine installation and support.

Door Access Control System Dubai

Access control systems are like security guardians for a place. They use special devices placed in smart spots to keep an eye on who comes and goes. Businesses use these systems to watch and keep track of where people move around in their building. It’s a way to make sure only the right folks are getting in and moving about.

Door access control system is really important for a bunch of reasons. It’s like having a smart bouncer for your place. This system lets you decide who can enter and leave certain areas. This can be super helpful for keeping track of who’s coming and going into a building, and it helps create a safer and more organized environment overall.

Here you will get all types of door access control systems like electromagnetic locks, Card Access Systems, Biometric Access Systems, door access control systems, Keypad Access Systems, Remote Access Systems, Gate barrier and many more. Access Control System Dubai provides you with complete Installation, maintenance, and support.

Door Access Control System

Biometric Attendance Machine Dubai

Biometric Attendance Machine Dubai

Biometric access control systems find applications across various industries in Dubai. The use of biometric attendance machines in Dubai holds significant importance for modern workforce management and security. These advanced devices utilize unique physical traits like fingerprints, facial features, or iris scans to accurately verify and record employee attendance.

Access Control System Dubai is specialized in delivering top-notch access control solutions, and at the heart of our offerings is the cutting-edge Biometric Attendance Machine. Our Biometric Attendance Machine stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency. 

By seamlessly integrating unique biometric identifiers such as fingerprints and facial recognition, we empower businesses in Dubai to elevate their workforce management practices to unprecedented levels of accuracy and reliability. We handles the entire operation, from initial setup installing Biometric attendance machine to maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and perfection.

Access Control System Price in Dubai

Here are the Biometric Access control system price in Dubai. We will provide you access control systems in Dubai at very low prices and high quality of all brands. Best Door Access Control System Dubai is available and their installation is at very reasonable prices.

Model/BrandDescriptionPrice (AED)
HIKvision DS-K1T671MFingerprint Access Control Terminal1,200 AED
HIKvision DS-K1T804MFFacial Recognition Access Control Terminal1,500 AED
ZKTeco F18Biometric Access Control System900 AED
ZKTeco IN05-AFingerprint and Face Recognition System1,250 AED
HID VertX EVO V1000Networked Access Controller2,300 AED
HID iCLASS R10Proximity Card Reader350 AED
HIKvision DS-K1801MKMulti-door Access Control Terminal3,500 AED
ZKTeco SF100Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System1,100 AED
HID EDGE EVO EH400-KSingle-Door Host Controller1,800 AED
HIKvision DS-K1103MKAccess Control Card Reader650 AED
ZKTeco iClock 680Time and Attendance Access Control Terminal1,750 AED
HID ProxPro IIProximity Card Reader500 AED

Visitor Management System Dubai

A Visitor Management System plays a crucial role in today’s security-conscious business landscape. By accurately registering and monitoring visitors, contractors, and vendors, it strengthens facility security while ensuring compliance with regulations. This system offers real-time insights into on-site activity, streamlining check-in processes and creating a positive guest experience.

Access Control System Dubai’s system ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to your premises, safeguarding your assets and sensitive information. By automating the visitor registration process, we streamline check-ins, reducing wait times and creating a favorable first impression for guests. With robust record-keeping capabilities, our system facilitates regulatory compliance and aids in emergency preparedness.

Access Control System Dubai provides comprehensive solutions that extend beyond security to include efficient Visitor Management Systems. Our systems not only enhance security by accurately tracking and managing visitor access but also elevate the overall visitor experience. In visitor management cctv cameras are also included, for CCTV Cameras and CCTV camera price in dubai you can contact us.

Visitor Management System Dubai

Face Recognition System for Attendance

Face Recognition System for Attendance

In Dubai, access control services offer comprehensive solutions to protect and efficiently manage physical and digital access points. These services employ cutting-edge technologies such as card readers and biometric scanners, face recognition system, providing robust security measures to ensure secure entry and restrict unauthorized access.

Face recognition attendance systems are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces, schools, and other organizations. These systems offer a number of advantages over traditional attendance systems, such as being more accurate, efficient, and secure.

Access Control System Dubai provides complete face recognition system installation, maintenance, and support in Dubai. We use the latest and most advanced technology to provide you with the most secure and reliable system possible. Our systems are also easy to use and maintain, so you can be confident that they will meet your needs for years to come.

Mobile Access Control Systems

Access control system Dubai services go beyond standard lock and key systems. They make use of modern technology to build a layered safety plan that increases security at multiple access points. With these services, various security systems may be seamlessly integrated, enabling centralized management and real-time monitoring.

Mobile access control systems use smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices as credentials to grant or deny access to restricted areas. These systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, flexibility, and security.

Your security is our top priority. Trust Access Control System Dubai to provide you with cutting-edge access control solutions that offer peace of mind and unparalleled protection. Contact us today for a consultation and let us secure your premises with the best-in-class access control systems. Access control system Dubai provide you all IT solutions like servers, network attached storage and many more.

Mobile Access Control Systems

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Access Control System Dubai is a trusted provider of comprehensive security solutions for businesses and organizations in Dubai. We specialize in designing and installing state-of-the-art access control systems that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Access Control System Dubai’s systems are powered by cutting-edge technology and are backed by the expertise of our experienced technicians. We ensure that our systems provide the highest level of protection for your premises, 24/7.

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    What is an Access Control System?

    An Access Control System is a security tool that manages who can enter specific places or use certain resources. It ensures only authorized people get access, keeping unwanted individuals out.

    What are the three types of access control?

    There are three main types:

    1. Physical Access Control: Restricts entry to physical areas using doors or gates.
    2. Logical Access Control: Manages digital access to computers and networks using credentials.
    3. Biometric Access Control: Uses unique traits like fingerprints for identification.

    What is access control in security?

    Access control in security means controlling and monitoring who can enter places or use resources. It’s a vital part of security, allowing only the right people in and keeping unauthorized ones out.

    Who supplies access control systems in the UAE?

    Access Control System Dubai is the top supplier of access control systems in the UAE. We provides high quality access control products of all top brands like HID Global, Honeywell, Zkteco, Hikvision, Dahua and Bosch. Contact us now for more informations.

    Which is the best access control system in Dubai, UAE?

    Determining the best access control system in Dubai depends on specific needs. Here are some popular access control systems such as ZKteco SA40, Suprema BioStation 2a, Hikvision DS-K1T805MBFWX, etc. At this platform we provide you every and each type of solution about access control system in Dubai, UAE. 

    How access control system works?

    An access control system manages who can enter or use resources within a physical or digital environment. It identifies users through credentials like keycards or passwords, verifies their identity, and grants or denies access based on pre-set permissions. The system logs all access attempts for security and monitoring purposes.

    Define access control features?

    Access control system features include authentication, authorization, access logging, and auditing. Authentication verifies the identity of users through credentials like passwords, biometrics, or keycards. Authorization determines what resources or areas a user can access based on their identity and role. Access logging records details of access attempts, successful or failed, for security tracking. Auditing reviews access logs and usage patterns to detect and respond to suspicious activities.

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