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Access Control System Dubai

At Access Control System Dubai, We are offering a full range of products and services to meet specific needs,  Understanding our client’s needs is how we identify the best solution. We are proud of our team of highly trained experts who provide excellent service. From system design and installation to ongoing maintenance and support, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

We focus on making security easy and convenient for you. Our Access – Control Systems are designed to fit smoothly into your current setup. Whether you’re managing things or using the system, it’s simple and straightforward. You can watch what’s happening in real-time, set access levels just the way you like, and get detailed reports easily. With our user-friendly features, you’re in total control, ensuring your place is secure without any hassle. This gives you full control over the security of your property.

If you need an access control system that combines safety and ease, reach out to us. We’re here to talk about your requirements and suggest the perfect system for you. Contact us today!

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If you need access control systems in Dubai, think of us first. We’re available 24/7, always here to assist you fast. Keeping you safe and satisfied is what we do best. At Access Control System Dubai, your security is our top concern. You can trust us to provide advanced Access – Control Solutions, giving you peace of mind and exceptional protection.

Access Control System Dubai

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Access Control System Dubai

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Door Access Control System Dubai

Access control systems act like security guards for a place. They use special devices in smart spots to see who’s entering and leaving. Businesses use these systems to watch where people go in their building. It’s a way to make sure only the right people are getting in and moving around.

Having a door access control system Dubai is really important for a lot of reasons. It’s like having a smart bouncer for your place. This system lets you decide who can enter and leave certain areas. This is great for keeping track of who’s in the building and helps make a safer and more organized environment.

At Access Control System Dubai, you can find various door Access – Control systems like electromagnetic locks, Card Access Systems, Biometric Access Systems, keypad access systems, and more. We offer complete installation, maintenance, and support for your security needs.

Door Access Control System

Access Control System Price in Dubai

Model/BrandDescriptionPrice (AED)
HIKvision DS-K1T671MFingerprint Access - Control Terminal1,200 AED
HIKvision DS-K1T804MFFacial Recognition Access - Control Terminal1,500 AED
ZKTeco F18Biometric Access - Control System900 AED
ZKTeco IN05-AFingerprint and Face Recognition System1,250 AED
HID VertX EVO V1000Networked Access - Controller2,300 AED
HID iCLASS R10Proximity Card Reader350 AED
HIKvision DS-K1801MKMulti-door Access - Control Terminal3,500 AED
ZKTeco SF100Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System1,100 AED
HID EDGE EVO EH400-KSingle-Door Host Controller1,800 AED
HIKvision DS-K1103MKAccess - Control Card Reader650 AED
ZKTeco iClock 680Time and Attendance Access - Control Terminal1,750 AED
HID ProxPro IIProximity Card Reader500 AED

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Access Control System Dubai is a trusted provider of comprehensive security solutions for businesses and organizations in Dubai. We specialize in designing and installing state-of-the-art access control systems that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Access Control System Dubai’s systems are powered by cutting-edge technology and are backed by the expertise of our experienced technicians. We ensure that our systems provide the highest level of protection for your premises, 24/7.

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