SpeedFace-H5L Face Recognition Attendance System

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  • Easy to Use: Navigate effortlessly with a 5-inch touch screen.
  • Secure Identification: Safeguard access with 10,000 fingerprints.
  • Choice of Access: Add cards for flexibility, up to 10,000 templates.
  • Track Everything: Records 200,000 transactions for detailed tracking.
  • Reliable System: Operates on a secure Linux-based platform.
  • Smart Facial Recognition: Uses visible light for accurate face ID.
  • Multiple Verification: Verify with Face, Fingerprint, Card, or Password.
  • Card Options: Supports 125kHz ID card (EM) and 13.56MHz IC card.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Adapt to any lighting with adjustable brightness.
  • Plenty of Storage: Store 6,000 face templates for diverse users.
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SpeedFace-H5L Face Recognition Attendance System in Dubai

Manage attendance effortlessly in Dubai with SpeedFace-H5L. It has a 5-inch touch screen, secure fingerprint access for 10,000 users, and you can add cards too. Keep track of up to 200,000 entries for smooth workforce handling. It’s easy to use, with face recognition using light, and protection against fake prints. You can pick how to verify – face, fingerprint, card, or password. The system works with different cards and adjusts to any light. It’s secure, straightforward, and suits everyone’s needs.

SpeedFace-H5L Attendance System Features

Display5-inch Touch Screen
Face Capacity6,000
Fingerprint Capacity10,000
Card Capacity10,000 (Optional)
Transaction Capacity200,000
Operation SystemLinux
Standard FunctionsADMS, T9 Input, DST, Camera, 9-digit User ID, Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti-passback, Record Query, Tamper Switch Alarm, Multiple Verify Modes
Hardware900MHz Dual Core CPU, Memory 512MB RAM / 8G Flash, 2MP WDR Low Light Camera, Adjustable Light Brightness LED
CommunicationTCP/IP, WiFi (Optional), Wiegand input/output, RS485*
Access Control Interface3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm output, Auxiliary Input
Optional Functions13.56MHz IC card
Facial Recognition Speed≤1s
Biometrics AlgorithmZKFace V5.8 & ZKFinger V10.0
Power Supply12V 3A
Working Humidity20% – 80%
Working Temperature0 °C – 45 °C
Dimension134.93 * 166.93 * 21.5mm (WHD)
Supported SoftwareZKBio CVAccess

Face Recognition Access Control System SpeedFace-H5L

SpeedFace-H5L – a smart Access Control System in Dubai that recognizes faces. It has a 5-inch touchscreen for easy use. It can remember 6,000 faces, 10,000 fingerprints, and even 10,000 cards if you want. It keeps track of 200,000 entries, so you always know who’s coming and going. It works on a simple system called Linux. You can connect it to the internet using WiFi. It’s a small box, about 5 by 7 inches in size. It works quickly, taking less than a second to recognize a face. Just plug it in, and it’s good to go! Easy and reliable – that’s SpeedFace-H5L.

SpeedFace-H5L Applications

  • Corporate Security: Boost security in Dubai offices with SpeedFace-H5L for easy and secure entry.
  • Attendance Tracking: Simplify office attendance with reliable tracking using SpeedFace-H5L.
  • Education Access: Ensure authorized entry in Dubai schools using SpeedFace-H5L and easily manage attendance.
  • Healthcare Safety: Secure sensitive areas in healthcare with quick facial recognition using SpeedFace-H5L.
  • Retail Access: Manage access to stockrooms or restricted areas in retail using the adaptable SpeedFace-H5L.
  • Versatility: SpeedFace-H5L adapts seamlessly to various settings, contributing to Dubai’s tech-forward approach.
  • Diverse Applications: From offices to schools, healthcare, and retail, SpeedFace-H5L serves multiple sectors in Dubai with its simplicity and efficiency.



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SpeedFace-H5LSpeedFace-H5L Face Recognition Attendance System
Original price was: 1,700.00 د.إ.Current price is: 1,550.00 د.إ.
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