Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L Biometric Access Control System

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  • Smart Recognition: Uses advanced facial recognition, fingerprint, and palm verification.
  • QR Code Security: Enhanced security with QR code support via a mobile app.
  • Touchless & Hygienic: Identifies individuals even with masks, offering a hygienic option.
  • Anti-Spoofing Feature: Detects fake photos and videos for heightened security.
  • Quick Palm Recognition: Identifies Palm Shape, Palm Print, and Palm Vein in 0.35 seconds.
  • Format Versatility: Facial camera supports QR codes, Data Matrix, MicroAztec, etc.
  • Mobile Access: ZKBioAccess Mobile Page supports Dynamic QR codes for T&A/A&C.
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Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L Biometric Access Control System in Dubai

Increase your security with the SpeedFace-V5L Series, your go-to Biometric Access Control System in Dubai! This advanced system brings you the best in smart recognition—think facial, fingerprint, and palm verification—all in one. Worried about masks? No problem! It keeps you secure with QR code support via a handy mobile app. Need quick palm recognition? It’s got you covered in just 0.35 seconds! Plus, with anti-spoofing features and support for various formats, it’s a total security package. And guess what? The ZKBioAccess Mobile Page makes access a breeze with Dynamic QR codes for Time & Attendance and Access Control.

Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L Features and Specifications

ModelSpeedFace-V5L; SpeedFace-V5L[TD]; SpeedFace-V5L[TI]
Display5″ ISP Color LCD Screen (720*1280)
CameraWDR Low Light Camera @ 2MP
Operation SystemLinux
HardwareCPU: 1.GHz Dual Core
Supplement Light: Yes
Virtual Keypad: 12 Keys
Fingerprint Sensor: Z-ID
Authentication MethodFace / Fingerprint / Palm (Customized) / Card / Password (Virtual Keypad)
Fingerprint Template Capacity6,000 (1:N) (Standard) / 10,000 (1:N) (Optional) / 6,000 (1:1)
Face Template Capacity6,000 (1:N) (Standard) / 10,000 (1:N) (Optional) / 6,000 (1:1)
Palm Template CapacityCustomized 3,000 (1:N) (Standard) / 3,000 (1:1)
Card Capacity10,000 (1:N) (Optional) / 10,000 (1:1)
Transaction Capacity200,000 (1:N) (Optional for Capacity Expansion)
Biometric Verification Speed< 0.3 sec (Fingerprint) / < 1 sec (Facial Recognition) / < 0.35 Sec (Palm)
Touchless Biometric Recognition Distance1cm to 100cm (Facial Recognition) / Up to 50cm (Palm)
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) %FAR ≤ 0.01% (Visible Light Facial Recognition) / FAR ≤ 0.0001% (Fingerprint; ZKFingerprint V10.0) / FAR ≤ 0.05% (ZKPalm V12.0)
False Rejection Rate (FRR) %FRR ≤ 0.02% (Visible Light Facial Recognition) / FRR ≤ 0.01% (Fingerprint: ZKFingerprint V10.0) / FRR ≤ 1.8% (ZKPalm V12.0)
Biometric AlgorithmZKFace 3.5 / ZKPalm V12.0 (Customized) / ZKFingerprint V10.0
Card TypeID Card@125 kHz (Optional) / IC Card@13.56 MHz (Optional) / CEPAS(Optional)
QR CodeDynamic or Static QR codes on the ZK Bio Security mobile application. QR code, PDF417, Data Matrix, MicroPDF417 and Aztec scanning in third-party development projects(Support QR500/600 Series)
CommunicationTCP/IP1 / Wiegand (Input & Output)1 / RS485: ZKTeco RS4851 / Aux Inputs 1, Aux Outputs 1, Electric Lock1, Door Sensor1, Exit Button1, Alarm1, Doorbell*1
Standard FunctionsADMS, T9 Input, DST, 14-digit User ID, Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti-passback, Record Query, Tamper Switch Alarm, Multiple Verification Methods
Power SupplyDC 12V 3A
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 45°C (14°F ~ 113°F)
Operating Humidity10% to 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Dimensions91.93mm * 202.93mm * 21.5mm (LWH)
Gross Weight1.3 Kg
Net Weight0.6 Kg
Supported SoftwareSoftware: ZKBio CVAccess / ZKBioTalk
Mobile App: ZKBio Zlink / ZSmart
Cloud Service: ZKBio Zlink
InstallationWall-mount (Compatible with Asian Gang-box / Single Gang-Box)
CertificationsISO14001, ISO9001, CE, FCC

Applications of Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L

  • Business Offices:
  • Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L is used to secure access using facial, fingerprint, and palm verification.
  • Efficiently track employee attendance.
  • Schools and Colleges:
  • Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L manages access to classrooms.
  • Track student and staff attendance.
  • Hospitals:
  • Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L enhances security with biometric recognition.
  • Implement touchless access for hygiene.
  • Government Offices:
  • Strengthen security for authorized personnel.
  • Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L monitors government employee attendance.
  • Retail Stores:
  • Zkteco SpeedFace-V5L control access to stock rooms.
  • Manage employee attendance.
  • Manufacturing Plants:
  • Enhance security in production areas.
  • Track worker attendance.
  • Banks:
  • Secure entry to branches and vaults.
  • Implement access control for financial data.
  • Transportation Hubs:
  • Control access in airports, train stations, and bus terminals.
  • Manage attendance for transportation staff.
  • Hotels:
  • Restrict access to management areas.
  • Streamline attendance tracking for hotel staff.
  • Residential Areas:
  • Ensure secure entry to residential buildings.
  • Data Centers:
  • Strengthen security and control access.
  • Monitor entry to critical infrastructure.



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Zkteco SpeedFace-V5LZkteco SpeedFace-V5L Biometric Access Control System
Original price was: 3,500.00 د.إ.Current price is: 3,184.00 د.إ.
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