ZKteco SA40 Card Reader Access Control

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  • Frequency Support: Operates at 125kHz / 13.56MHz for versatile RFID compatibility.
  • RFID Compatibility: Compatible with EM Card / IC Card, including S50, S70 IC, EV1.
  • Power Requirements: Operates efficiently with DC 9 to 15V power supply.
  • User Capacity: Supports up to 2,000 users.
  • Password Capacity: Accommodates 2,000 passwords (4 to 6 digits).
  • Verification Modes: Offers flexible verification modes, including Card Only, Password Only, and Card and Password combinations.
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ZKteco SA40 Card Reader Access Control Dubai

ZKteco SA40 Card Reader Access Control system in Dubai – your simple and secure way to manage access. It works with different cards and adapts easily to different places. Equipped with A&C Standalone features, it supports up to 2,000 users, 2,000 passwords (4 to 6 digits), and offers versatile verification modes. It’s perfect for keeping places safe and even comes with extra features like a relay, door sensor, exit button, and doorbell for complete control.

ZKteco SA40 Features and Specifications

Operating Frequency125kHz / 13.56MHz
RFID TypeEM Card / IC Card, S50 S70 IC EV1
Operating VoltageDC 9 to 15V
Operating Temperature-20°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to 80°C
Operating Humidity15% to 90%
Storage Humidity15% to 90%
Dimension103.5 * 86 * 19 (mm) (±3mm) (LWH)
A&C Standalone FeaturesUser Capacity: 2,000 Password Capacity: 2,000 Password: 4 to 6 digits Verification Modes: Card Only / Password Only / Card and Password 1 Relay / 1 Door Sensor / 1 Exit Button / 1 Doorbell

Applications Of ZKteco SA40 Access Control

  1. Corporate Offices: Safeguard sensitive areas.
  2. Educational Institutions: Control access to classrooms and labs.
  3. Healthcare Facilities: Secure patient records and critical areas.
  4. Residential Complexes: Manage resident and visitor access.
  5. Retail Spaces: Protect stockrooms and sensitive areas.
  6. Hospitality Industry: Enhance security in hotels and resorts.
  7. Financial Institutions: Control access to vaults and confidential areas.
  8. Transportation Hubs: Secure critical zones in airports and stations.
  9. Government Buildings: Regulate access to sensitive departments.
  10. Data Centers: Ensure server security and data integrity.

Why ZKteco SA40 Should be used for access control?

Choose the ZKteco SA40 for access control because:

  1. Compatibility: Works with various card types for flexibility.
  2. Frequency Options: Operates on different RFID frequencies.
  3. Adaptability: Functions on a wide voltage range.
  4. Reliable Conditions: Tolerates diverse temperatures and humidity levels.
  5. Compact Design: Fits seamlessly in different spaces.
  6. Standalone Features: Supports up to 2,000 users and passwords with versatile verification modes.
  7. Comprehensive Components: Includes a relay, door sensor, exit button, and doorbell for complete access control.
  8. Enhanced Security: Offers password protection for added security.
  9. Cost-Effective: Balances advanced features with affordability, making it a practical choice.



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ZKteco SA40 RFID ReaderZKteco SA40 Card Reader Access Control
Original price was: 260.00 د.إ.Current price is: 220.00 د.إ.
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