Magnetic Door Lock ZK-ML180K | Rim Mounting

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  • ZK-ML180K Magnetic Door Lock
  • Silent and efficient locking mechanism
  • Rim-mounted design for ease of installation
  • LED indicators for clear Open/Closed status information
  • Holding force up to 280 kg for enhanced security
  • Operates at 12 VDC for reliable access control
  • Mechanical wear-free design ensures durability
  • Ideal for secure and silent door-locking applications
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Magnetic Door Lock ZK-ML180K in Dubai, UAE

In Dubai, get the ZK-ML180K Magnetic Door Lock for advanced security. With its silent operation, LED indicators, and a powerful holding force of 280 kg, this rim-mounted lock offers reliable and durable performance. Perfect for secure access control, it operates seamlessly at 12 VDC, making it an ideal choice for silent and efficient door-locking solutions in Dubai.

Magnetic Door Lock ZK-ML180K Specifications

Height170 mm
Width40 mm
Depth21 mm
Holding Force180 Kg / 300 lb
Monitoring ContactNO
Functioning12 VDC
DC Current Consumption360 mA

Applications of Magnetic Door Locks in Dubai

  • Commercial Spaces: Secures entry points in offices, retail stores, and commercial establishments.
  • Residential Buildings: Offers reliable security for the main entrances of homes and apartments.
  • Educational Institutions: Enhances access control in schools, colleges, and universities for a secure environment.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Magnetic Door Lock ZK-ML180K secures entrances in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities.
  • Government Buildings: Adds an extra layer of security to entrances in government offices and institutions.
  • Industrial Facilities: Ensures controlled access to sensitive areas within manufacturing plants and industrial sites.
  • Hotels and Hospitality: Enhances security in hotels, resorts, and hospitality establishments.
  • Data Centers: Provides secure access control to critical areas in data centers and server rooms.



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Magnetic Door Lock ZK-ML180KMagnetic Door Lock ZK-ML180K | Rim Mounting
Original price was: 320.00 د.إ.Current price is: 200.00 د.إ.
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